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Which Body Contouring Is Right for You?

Are you one of those who spend a huge time in the gym or in front of your TV playing pilates and yoga videos, and yet you’re not really getting rid of the stubborn love handles or belly fat? You’re not alone. What can separate you from all the others is when you try body contouring and coolsculpting as an option to get the body you want.

Interested? Here are your options:

Non-Surgical Liposuction:

Liposuction remains to be an effective method when it comes to removing high volume of fat in just one treatment. However, some clients are not comfortable with the idea of undergoing surgery due to possible health complications, pain, and lengthy recovery time. This is where smart lipo, a non-invasive liposuction technique designed to dissolve fat without the pain, becomes a great alternative. This fat reduction procedure uses ultrasonic waves, radio frequency as well as vacuum thermage. It is one of the most advanced treatments for stubborn fat deposit and is highly recommended for people who want to lose fat but do not want to risk painful or harmful side effects.

How does it work? This painless and simple process involves the use of ultrasonic waves, radio frequency and vacuum. A treatment piece is placed close to the targeted area. The frequency waves create bubbles in the fat cells, which burst the fat cells into tiny molecules. The fat, now tiny, is then melted to become liquid, which can then be eliminated from the body through natural means. This is a non surgical, painless, no anesthesia treatment.

Highly effective, clients are guaranteed to see noticeable improvements immediately. Aside from losing several inches on the targeted area, you can also expect some improvement in your skin texture. We add radio frequency to this treatment so your skin will not sag after losing unwanted fat.

Non Surgical lipo, considered a deep fat blaster, is highly recommended for extremely stubborn areas including:

• Hips and thighs
• Stomach
• Upper and lower arms
• Waistline
• Saddle bags
• Back
• Legs

Benefits of non-surgical lipo

• Noticeable body shape improvement
• Safe and painless
• Improves skin texture
• Zero side effects and health complications
• No downtime, No anesthesia, and No surgery
• No scarring
• Immediate and long lasting results

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is perhaps every woman’s worst enemy! Even if you already have the body to die for, cellulite can still happen. In fact, they are present in more than 75% of women. Worse, no matter how hard you exercise, stubborn cellulite just won’t go away. Well, the main reason is that the connective tissue of the skin is weak as well as fat protruding through the connective tissue becomes an issue.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, which is simply put, fat gone wild, you have to strengthen the connective tissues to prevent this fat from moving upward and causing a dimpled appearance.

For that, you can choose the Zwave treatment, which is a powerful, highly effective technology designed specifically to treat weak connective tissues in problem areas including buttocks, abdomen, legs, and upper arms. This treatment also stimulates collagen formation and improves blood circulation. Clinically tested and FDA approved, this procedure is proven to reduce cellulite.

Cellulite therapy relies on radial shockwaves, and its main job is to restore the connective tissues, and reducing the protruding fat cells through the connective tissue.

Benefits of Zwave:

• Non invasive treatment
• Safe and painless
• Immediate visible results
• No downtime
• Firmer and more elastic skin


This is another painless, safe procedure that is a great alternative to liposuction. Using low level laser technology, it is ideal to those who want to sculpt their body immediately as it guarantees around 1-inch loss in every session. The process works by puncturing holes in the fat cell member so the fat spills out. Designed for clients who require immediate results, the process is typically completed in less than 60 minutes and offers immediate results.

Unlike traditional, painful liposuction, this revolutionary laser system does not damage the skin, peripheral nerves or blood cells. This is because the whole process triggers natural reaction of fat cell release.

Areas that can be treated:

• Saddle bags
• Upper thighs
• Abdomen
• Upper back
• Breasts
• Calves
• Arms

Benefits of i-Trim

• Effectively shape targeted areas; can result to 1 inch loss
• Safe and effective
• Can be performed in all different body areas and all skin types
• No down time
• No damage to the skin, blood cells, and peripheral nerves
• No side effects
• Multiple areas can be treated simultaneously
• Long term results

There are quite a number of body contouring treatments that you can take advantage of after you have done your breast augmentation surgery. To know the best one for you based on your specific needs and goals, contact Body Contour Wellness Center for a professional evaluation. Schedule a consultation now and take the first step to having an amazing body.