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If you’re looking for non invasive options to remove unwanted fat, stimulate collagen, reduce skin pigmentation and scars, tighten up lax skin, and reduce cellulite you’ve come to the right place.*

A Non-invasive Path to a Sexier You

Body Contour Wellness Center specializes in a non-invasive treatments such as Ultherapy ( #1 Voted in Office procedure USA for Eyebrow lift, Chin Lift and Neck Lift),  UltraCavitation (Use of ultrasound to burst and destroy tageted fat cells), Cool Sculpting (Freezing Fat Cells to achieve permanent removal), Radio Frequency ( Controlled heat applied to cause skin tightening and collagen stimulation), Acoustic Wave Therapy ( FDA approved cellulite reduction treatment) , Dermapen ( Micro needling can yield many benfirts such as Wrinkle reduction, Tightening of skin, Reduction of Malasma and Scars), Vi Peel ( #1 Medical Grade medium depth peel in USA) and much more…. Latest technology and techniques can be found here.*

Body Sculpting.

Body sculpting helps you achieve a sleeker, leaner appearance with absolutely no downtime. Patients not wanting to undergo surgical procedure seeking non surgical alternatives can be treated in a safe and effective body sculpting treatment regimen. Patients generally  return to their daily activities same day.*

Body Contouring offers Measurable Results

Body contouring achieves measurable results with your first session. We will take a pre treatment measurement and a post treatment measurement to document your results after treatment. Patients are excited to see how their body measures up! Body contouring is designed  to target stubborn areas like the abdomen, love handles, bra fat,  buttocks, thighs and upper arms.*

Happy Customers

Body Contour Wellness Center has helped hundreds of customers achieve fast, lasting facial rejuvination and fat reduction through Ultherapy, Ultra Cavitation, Cryolipolysis, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, Laser Therapy and Vibration Therapy.  Body Contour Wellness Center’s Mission is to provide clients with a non surgical option for those who qualify. When non surgical is not an option we also have a surgical center.*

Through  medical seminars and international study Director, Izabella Udler, RRFUCS has been able to successfully offer desired results to patients in a safe and non surgical manner. We look forward to meeting you during a complimentary consultation to discuss your options.*viagra fiyat