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I look 10 years younger!

Izabella saved my life! My daughter's wedding was coming up and I knew I had to do something about my neck. I've always had an insecurity about my neck and even thought about surgery, but there wasn't enough time and I did not want to go under the knife. Izabella did a non surgical face lift, the area she mostly focused was my neck. I am thankful I did this! I could not believe the before and after pictures. I highly recommend her!
Thank you Izabella & Body Countour Staff!

*Results may vary based on individual.

Glaucia Pimenta

pending results

I may be writing too soon, as i got cool sculpting 2 weeks ago. i won't see results for at least another month, but the whole process has gone exactly how Izabella said it would, so I'm sure results will follow. Only 1 major thing that wasn't true. cool sculpting on the stomach area hurt. First 5 minutes after that, its great. but sound waves after hurt a bit too cuz the area is already made so tender from the cool sculpting. if your tough as nails, the stomach is the worst part. every other body part would be a breeze. Izabella is smart and empathetic. she's the best person you want to have there to ease you.

*Results may vary based on individual.


I Looked forward to every visit

Being treated by Izabella has been an amazing experience, both physically, mentally and emotionally. I looked forward to every visit because she exudes happiness and positivity while maintaining the highest integrity. She will always be truthful as to what you can expect and can demonstrate via photos actual results derived from other clients. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional but becomes more like a friend you wish to have forever. She spends a lot of time explaining what she is doing while she performs her "magic" and is very helpful in educating her clients as to what they should do to enjoy the best results after their treatments. I felt as if I had had a mini face lift in addition to getting rid of ugly tummy and back fat without dieting!

Although the treatments are not an inexpensive endeavor, they are painless and non-invasive requiring no sedation or anesthesia but with similar results one would expect after going through painful surgery and long recovery. If you have ever considered lipo or even a tummy tuck or other skin tightening surgical procedure, I urge you to have a consultation with Izabella first. You will not regret your decision. I can't wait to go back for additional skin tightening in other areas after having lost more weight.

*Results may vary based on individual.

Pat Vango

Highly recommend anyone to experience Non-Surgical Lipo

Found this place through internet research. I had a consultation with Izabella. She is very knowledgable and takes her time to explain everything. I was deciding weather to do surgical lipo, cool sculpting or Warm Sculpting. After much thought I decided to go with Izabella and I am sooooooo pleased with my results. Everything we discussed in consult and my before and after pictures show a dramatic difference.
I look and feel great!
Thank you Izabella for all your efforts and kindness. I highly recommend anyone to experience Non-Surgical Lipo at Body Contour with Izabella.

*Results may vary based on individual.

Julie Roman

Excellent Experience

I had an excellent experience at body contour wellness center. Got great results... 🙂
Izabella's spirit is uplifting, genuine and sincere and her expertise is unsurpassed.
You are the best Izabella!!!

*Results may vary based on individual.

Eli R

Awesome results!

Totally worth my money.. Got what I wanted with no pain! And I just keep coming back!
I recommend it to everyone!

*Results may vary based on individual.

Camila G. Fort Lauderdale, FL

She will produce outstanding results..

Izabella is passionate about her service and client experience. She truly cares about every person she takes on as a client and makes you feel positive about reaching your personal goal. If progress can be made, she will produce outstanding results.

*Results may vary based on individual.

J. McKenzie

I found this gem of a place..

I found this gem of a place from a groupon. The wellness center is very tranquil and relaxing!!!
I first had the waist-buster lipo treatment with Izabella. She is amazing!! Very informative of all different ways to have body contouring treatments without surgery. My next treatment was thermal heating to build collagen which results in skin tightening. My skin never looked better!!!

*Results may vary based on individual.

J. Green

Amazing experience

I had a fantastic experience at Body Contour Wellness with Izabella. She was amazing and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure (cool sculpting). She made sure I was comfortable at all times and her service was exceptional. I definitely would recommend this treatment (and Izabella) to anyone who would like to lose fat and shape their body !! Thanks Izabella!!!

*Results may vary based on individual.

Leonore Sibilo

Excellent Result

Izabella is a true professional. She is passionate about her job and is quite knowledgeable. She has a soothing, calming persona as she works her magic. I was able to see contouring on my jawline after 5 treatments. Thank you for a job well-done.

*Results may vary based on individual.

Karen D

Excellent Experience!

Beyond pleased with my body contouring (warm sculpting) experience with Izabella. Izabella is knowledgeable, professional, and provided exceptional results. I can't thank her enough. Would I recommend Izabella? Absolutely and without a doubt!

*Results may vary based on individual.


My mid-section is more sculpted than ever before!

I have done other weight loss programs and was successful at losing weight but was still unhappy with my midsection. I had loose skin and stretch marks. I heard about Body Contour through word of mouth, and boy am I happy I did!!!! I was on the brink of considering surgery. How could I have lost 40lbs, considered "skinny", healthier then ever but still not comfortable wearing a tight shirt or bikini. I met with them and their knowledge and encouragement that I would reach my goal really made me feel I was in the right place. After one session I saw result and after a whole series of treatments on my abdomen, my stretch marks have been dramatically reduced and my midsection is more sculpted then ever before. Now, how I really know it worked, I recently went through a difficult couple of months and through stress gained some weight back... my stomach is completely different with the weight!!!! I am still so happy with the results because even with a little weight gain it didn't go back to my abdomen! and a side note, I wore a bikini for the first time this summer!!! Thank you Body Contour Wellness Center!!!
Sarah T

*Results may vary based on individual.

Wish I found you before

The staff was really nice and friendly. They explained the procedure to me and what to expect. I did the UltraCavitation and I am so happy with my results, I'm only on my 3rd Session and already feel and look wonderful. my only regret is not doing it before. I can't believe this is a non-surgical procedure and still get this kind of result, I'm amazed. My experience was the best at Body Contour Wellness Center. my friends are coming over too!
Amy M

*Results may vary based on individual.

Cool Sculpting Disaster is Fixed!

Thanks Izabella, it was very nice meeting you, and have a chance to correct my abdominal area from the cool sculpting experience. The pictures confirm that the method you used, really helped to smooth and unfrozen the damage areas, and also helped loose in other areas that I was not expecting. I am very happy with the results and will take your advise for extra treatments. I will recommend you to my friends and family, and once again, thank you to help me achieve my goals.

Be blessed,

*Results may vary based on individual.


Thank you so much

I was recommended by a friend who had Torso Body Sculpting done here. She looked amazing after her procedure. I scheduled a consultation and was made to feel so comfortable. All my questions were answered and the Specialist was so knowledgeable. She and I talked much about my ultimate goal after treatments and she showed me what she can do and what she can't. I really appreciate the honesty and not just promise me the world and not deliver.
We went through number of treatments required and length of each and what is to be expected during the coarse of treatments over the next month. The pricing was very fair and we set up all my appointments for treatment. She was always on time and a great person to chat with during my treatments. Everything went according to plan!
1 month later I was 6 inches smaller in my torso area!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I choose Body Contour Wellness Center. They really are an alternative to surgery with no pain, no down time, and I've never looked or felt better. All my friends have asked if I had some surgery and I laugh and hand them Body Contour's business card. I know their in GREAT HANDS!
Cynthia U

*Results may vary based on individual.

Lost 2.8" in a month

I am in great shape and work out and eat right. Regardless of my efforts I couldn't get rid of the dreaded muffin top. My friend recommended me to Body Contour Wellness center, since he had great sculpting results.

Consultation was informative and my 6 sculpting sessions breezed by. I followed instructions given, drank lots of water and within 4 weeks I lost 6.8"inches. I couldn't believe my pants were falling off and I never felt better. My six pack is coming through and I was considering lipo surgery!

Anyone out there considering surgery male/female has to try Body Contour Wellness Center first. You wont be sorry they've changed my life. I look like I had surgery but at a fraction of the price, no downtime, no pain, no recovery, no side effects. What could be better??
Vadim Y

*Results may vary based on individual.

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