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The Medical Grade Chemical VI Peel® contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types.  Unlike other chemical peels, our treatments are virtually painless, require no skin pre-conditioning and have minimal downtime. The peels are suitable for the face and body. The VI Peels are practical, affordable and give excellent results within one week.*

The VI Peel® will improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin; reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, including malasma; soften lines and wrinkles; clear acne skin conditions; reduce or eliminate acne scars; and stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin. Vi Peel also works well in conjunction with lasers, injectables and post procedure.*

The chemical peel provides superior results for all skin types (Fitzpatrick 1-6). Regular use of the Vi Peel (two to four peels per year), along with proper home care, reverses sun damage. It treats hyper pigmentation including melasma, acne and acne scars, loss of firmness and rosacea. The peel is also suitable for the eye area, chest, hands, arms and back.*

The treatment itself  takes about 20 minutes and is much more comfortable than the other medium-depth TCA chemical peels.  A post-treatment skin care kit is included in the price.  *

Types of Vi-Peel:


The VI Peel® contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types. This peel provides dramatic results with virtually no pain, no skin preparation and little downtime. Why wait weeks or months for results? Enjoy radiant, younger looking skin with the VI Peel. 


The Precision Chemical Peel is made from the same synergistic blend of ingredients as the VI-Peel, but at a higher concentration, for a peel that is about 25% stronger than a VI-PEEL. Precision is an excellent addition for treating stubborn hyper pigmentation including melasma, actinic keratosis, and age spots on hands, arms, or chest. The Precision Peel is to be used in conjuction with the VI-PEEL.


A powerful booster and pad system made specifically to treat stubborn melasma and pigmentation. At a high concentration, this chemical peel is about 25% stronger than a Vi-Peel-Precision.

Retinoic Acid triggers peeling and unclogs the pores while boosting collagen and elastin. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that mitigate the damaging effects of UV exposure and removes toxins. Hydroquinone bleaches and inhibits pigmentation and melasma while exfoliating to create a glowing even skintone. Kojic Acid aids in fighting discoloration and brightens the complexion. Hydrocortisione soothes and reduces redness.

Precision Plus Pad Ingredients: Retinoic Acid, Vitamin C, Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, and Hydrocortisione Precision Plus Booster Ingredients: TCA, Phenol, Salicylic Acid, Retinoic acid, Vitamin C, Hydroquinon, Kojic Acid, and Hydrocortisone.


VI-PEEL-ACNE is the most effective Acne treatment available today! It contains our original peel formula plus these powerful ingredients for superior, consistent results for you: Benzoyl Peroxide removes bacteria, clears the pores, and increases cell turnover. Salicylic Acid causes the cells of the epidermis to shed, opening clogged pores, and neutralizing the bacteria within while constricting the pore diameter to prevent further clogging.Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that removes toxins from the environment. Kojic Acid brightens skin and reduces acne scars. Some patients are suggested to incorporate Blue Light Therapy if severe acne is present to kill of the bacteria present deep in the skin.


*Result and patient experience may vary




*Result and patient experience may vary


*Result and patient experience may vary


Chrissy- Palm Beach, FL

“I have tried everything. I am 40 year old suffering from melasma and am of Hispanic descent. I have tried other peels, fraxel, (which cost thousands and made it worse!), other lasers, bleaching creams, microdermabrasion, and the list goes on and on. The melasma had become so bad that I didn’t want to leave the house. I contacted VI Medical Products and attended a skincare event in Palm Beach.

I had the Precision Plus peel. I peeled for 5 days.  I see significant improvement after one peel. Dory did suggest I may need more than one which I expected but I didn’t expect such an improvement from one!! I purchased the appropriate products for after care and it’s very very important to follow aftercare instruction, wear hat and glasses with serious sunblock etc. I am looking forward to my next peel and will post after that one next month too. Take it from me; I have spent thousands, with little, no improvement or even worsening of my pigmentation. I am finally hopeful I can control my melasma and keep it at bay. FYI, tightening of skin and softening of wrinkles also seen!”

*Results and patience experience may vary

Val- Los Angeles, CA

“Let me start by saying, the VI Peel is the most effective treatment for acne scarring and hyperpigmentation I’ve ever experienced.  I’m closer that I’ve ever been to the flawless skin I’ve always desired.  My peel was applied on Friday at Motykie Med Spa in Beverly Hills, CA.  The application time was a mere 30 minutes and it was great to learn that VI Peel is proudly, the only peel safe enough to be applied on the delicate eyelids and under eye areas.  My skin instantly looked radiant and glowing because of the surface exfoliation experienced from the absorption of the treatment.  After following all of the post treatment instructions, the skin on my face and decollate began peeling like clockwork the morning of day 3 and continuted peeling for 6 more days.  My skin was itchy and dry during most if the process, but that was to be expected.  The VI DERM Post Peel Protectant did wonders to minimize my discomfort.  My skin has NEVER looked and felt better.  The texture is completely different now.  I find that my skincare regiment has become ever more effective because my products no longer have to make their way through an extra layer of damaged skin.  I highly recommend the VI Peel to anyone who is seeking a painless, result oriented treatment with minimal downtime”!

*Results and patience experience may vary

Stacy- Ann Arbor, MI

“I am 44 years old and decided to have a VI Peel to clean up my skin.  I look young for my age and have pretty decent skin but the hyperpigementation, age spots and dullness of my skin were starting to bother me.  So I decided to get the VI Peel done and boy did I peel! Unbelievable! My skin look is glowing, looks younger and more refreshed. I LOVE IT.  I’m also using the VI DERM skin care line.  I can’t tell you how much I love the products and how happy I am with the results the VI Peel gave me.”

*Results and patience experience may vary

Sonora- Sapulpa, OK

“Just wanted to say that the VI peel has changed my life! It has given me the beautiful confidence of being able to actually not hide my face behind a ton of makeup, and be happy in my own skin. So thankful!”

*Results and patience experience may vary

VaryLiane- Belton, OK

“I wanted to give you a quick update after having the VI Peel…I look GREAT!  My eyes are really bouncing back and my skin looks fabulous!!!  I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and I will be getting another peel as soon as my skin starts looking a little tired again and needs a boost!”

*Result and patient experience may vary


Vitality Institute Medical Products completed an intense clinical study hosted by the esteemed International Research Services, Inc. The evaluation studied the safety and effectiveness of Vitality Institute Medical Products VI Peel Facial Peel. Participants were carefully selected based on a variety of skin types and various levels of wrinkles and fine lines. Progress was thoroughly examined by trained professionals utilizing comprehensive visual observations and advanced instrumental analysis.

After four weeks of closely-monitored use, we’re pleased to announce that International Research Services, Inc. concluded the following:

  • After close examination, VI Peel was determined to be completely safe within intended use.
  • Crow’s Feet line improvements were “statistically significant for the spacing parameter, and trendwise (directionally) significant for five additional parameters.”
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkle improvements were “statistically significant. Overall, the changes were in the direction of smoother fine line texture, i.e., decreases from baseline for Rz, Shadows and NumWr.”
  • Up to 71% of participants reported a significant improvement in “improved fine lines” and “skin suppleness.”
  • Signs of minor irritation decreased quickly after participants used the VI Peel.
  • Participants rapidly showed a reduction in melanin content and increase in collagen content.
  • Just two weeks after VI Peel use, participants showed a hemoglobin increase, suggesting increased blood flow to the treated areas.

*Results and patient experience may vary

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