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Day of Extravagance (4-6 Hours)

Day of Extravagance (4-6  Hours)

The weight that we carry on our bodies can also tend to lean heavily on our minds. We’re constantly worrying about what to eat, stressing about workouts, and dreading the moment when we step on a scale. Take some much-needed time out and shape your dream body with Body Contour Wellness Center Day Package. At Body Contour we promise you results like no other; one that can only be described as pure bliss. You can indulge in a unique combination of  fat burning, torso sculpting, muscle toning, buttocks lift, skin rejuvenation and tightening as well as an Anti Ageing– Five  phenomenal treatments all in one luxurious experience.

What’s more, you’ll reap the added benefits of improved blood circulation, an improved digestive system, better metabolism, fat and cellulite reduction, an end to fluid retention and soft, glowing skin.

Calculate 4-6 Hours for this extravagant treatment

Go on, you know you deserve it, call us today and book your appointment  – or surprise another deserving friend/family member with the ultimate weight loss experience. Your body will love you for it!

Day of Extravagance (4-6  Hours) $975.00