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Cellulite Treatment

How to get rid of cellulite? Zwave is your answer..

Zwave is a high energy radial shockwave treatment used in the reduction and improvement of Grade 1-3 cellulite (mild to moderate dimpling).  During the treatment these radial waves are applied to the affected area. The surrounding tissue is affected and breaks occur in the grid of the molecules. This leads to a collapse of the gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation) and destabilizes the fat structures. The radial waves used during the Zwave treatment can not only reduce cellulite, it may also improves the overall structure and appearance of the skin*


To treat cellulite, Zwave transmits powerful sound waves into the tissue. Due to this technology, it is now possible to treat the weakness of the connective tissue on the abdomen, upper arm and cellulite on the legs and buttocks quickly, gently and very effectively. In one study, the thigh circumference was reduced by 1 to 7 cm!*

–    Gentle and painless
–    Fast, visible results
–    Long-lasting results
–    Clinically tested and proven


The high energy radial shockwaves scientifically proved to have a large impact on collagen structure and the skin connective tissue, improving blood circulation.
It stimulates collagen formation, while the skin becomes more elastic and its firmness is visible after only a few treatments*

Application effects
The observed tissue reactions and metabolic effects are basically:
– short-term increase of the blood flow induced by massage and vaso-dilation
– long-term improvement of the blood flow caused by formation of blood vessels
– lymphatic drainage effect, dehydration and withdrawal of waste products
– mechanical and biochemical lipolysis
– softening of fibrotic structures (septum, scar tissue)
– strengthening of the connective tissue (collagen neogenesis) leads to provement of the dermal elasticity and firmness
– cell rejuvenation (process of cell regeneration)The high energy radial shockwaves consists of two different parts – positive pressure pulse and a comparatively small tensile wave component. The shockwave squeezes the surrounding tissue and breaks the grid structure of the molecules. The tensile wave leads to a collapse of the gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation), which re-expand after the high energy radial shockwaves and thus ensure a destabilization of the fat structures.*


*Results and patient experience may vary

Your questions – Our answers

What is cellulite and how is it caused?

Is this treatment painful?
No, quite the contrary. Many patients say this treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage.

How quickly are the changes visible? 
Those undergoing Zwave have experienced promising results in problem areas. The favorable results achieved through this comfortable, non-invasive procedure is what makes it a desirable option in body treatments. 

How many treatments will I need?

Treatments are quick, lasting 30-60 minutes. A treatment series of 10 treatments performed twice a week is recommended for optimal outcome.

(*Results and patient experience may vary)

Z Wave
Cellulite Treatment (AWT) - Two treatments are needed each week for a duration of five weeks. Each treatment area takes around 60 minutes.
$300 / Per Session

11 Treatment Package


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