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Maintenance Program

Join our Maintenance Program
You will see continuous improvements for about two months on your skins firmness after you finish the initial treatment. Once that plateau is reached the natural course of aging will start taking effect again. It is easy to stop the process and keep the young, gloving and healthy look though.

After your selected treatment series you want to keep maintaining your looks. While the minimum treatments needed to maintain your result are one treatment once every season (4 treatments a year), we find that many patients prefer to come back as often as once every two months by joining our easy maintenance membership because they love the treatments and the results.

By joining the Body Contour membership program you will ensure that you won’t miss any of your treatments.
1) You will enjoy special discounts on products.
2) The cost for the treatment will stay always the same for our members. No price adjustments!

Join our membership program now for $25.00 Skin Tightening Maintenance Treatment Subscription.
Skin Tightening Maintenance Subscription 60 min treatment every month.
$69.00 USD for each 2 weeks

Join our membership program now for $49.99 Sculpting Maintenance Treatment Subscription.
Sculpting Session Maintenance Subscription 90 min treatment every month.
$100.00 USD for each 2 weeks