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Get Rid of Belly Fat


Genetics can tell so much about who you are, what types of diseases or health problems you’re more susceptible to, and how quick your body loses and builds fat. Although having “fat genes” doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t lose the belly fat, they may make the goal harder to achieve.


Hormones are those secreted by different body organs and tissues in order for your body to function well. For example, pancreas produces insulin, which is necessary to deliver blood sugar to your cells and use it to do their work.

Some imbalances—low or excess production of hormones—can lead to extra storage of fat. These include:

  • High cortisol, which increases when you’re overly stressed
  • Low estrogen, which explains why most women on menopause develop belly fat
  • High or low insulin
  • Low leptin, which forces you to eat a lot



Many people complain about how it takes them longer to drop the excess weight when it used to be easy when they’re still in their teens and early twenties.

Your body’s metabolism slows down as you age. Slower metabolism means slower calorie burn. Excess calories are then stored as fat.

Moreover, aging also means losing that muscle mass. In fact, you stand to lose as much as 5% of muscle mass every decade beginning at 30 years old. This matters because muscle burns more calories than fat.

Your abdominal fat is certainly not a lost cause, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll probably have to exercise more and eat less if you want to see some results. Worse, you have to put more effort if you’re already past 25 years old.

Body Contour Wellness Clinic provides you with several non-invasive procedures like a tummy tuck that breaks down fat without any pain and adverse side effects. They are a perfect complement to exercise and proper diet as you can see the results you’re looking for at a way faster rate, especially when it comes to your waist circumference, which is a common indicator of abdominal fat.

You get so much more from these treatments as they can also improve the condition of your skin, making it tighter and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. They can even remove cellulite.*

As long as you’re healthy, which means you are not diagnosed with a liver disease or diabetes, as well as not pregnant, you can take advantage of this procedure.

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