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Chi Massage: Going Beyond Massage

We all know that getting a massage is one way to relax your body. But did you know that Chi Massage treatment that can do so much more? Aside from relaxing your muscles, this can also improve your immune system function, aid in digestion, and counteract the effects of stress.

This treatment uses Chi Massage machine, an unusual aerobic exerciser, which is the result of 38 years of scientific and medical research by the chairman of Japan’s Oxygen Health Association. Dr. Shizou Inoue studied the effects of oxygenation of the body and concluded that lack of oxygen is the main reason why we feeling stressed out and why we suffer from different pains and diseases.

The Chi Machine, which comes with an “ankle cradle”, is designed to move the body from side to side at about 140 oscillations per minute. This is clinically proven to maximize body cells’ movements and the body’s natural absorption of oxygen. During the 15-minute therapy, you will be asked to lie down flat on the floor and place your ankle on top of the ankle cradle. Once the machine has been activated, your body will move the same way as goldfish swims.

This passive aerobic exercise, which was specifically designed to activate your lymphatic system, aligns your spine and enables detoxification. Unlike vigorous exercise that consumes oxygen in your body, Chi massage doesn’t compress your intervertebral disks and doesn’t make you feel tired. In fact, it supports your body’s health without making you lose all your energy.

In addition, this creates massage of internal organs and cellular oxygenation of both the brain and the body. This results to reduction of body aches and pains, muscle soreness, and tension. It also improves flexibility of your joints and muscles. In addition, it improves the regulation and function of body systems and internal organs.


• Enhances lymphatic drainage
• Promote blood cell production, tissue oxygenation, and blood circulation
• Relieved vertebra joint pressure
• Improve immune system function
• Aids in digestion through abdominal massage
• Stimulate the flow of “Chi” energy throughout the body
• Relaxes the spine and relieves pain
• Relieves minor muscle pains
• Increases local blood circulation
• Promotes a sense of well-being

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