Safest, most powerful aesthetic treatments available for tightening, shaping, and fighting wrinkles. Treatments performed in under 1 hour. Results can be seen within first treatment. Affordable with no downtime.

Medical Micro Needling Non-Invasive Face Lift

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Loose & Saggy Skin

Skin is a live organ which can be reshaped and tightened. Stimulation of collagen and elastin is our secret weapon to achieving great results.

Skin Tightening

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Weight Loss

Medically supervised programs allow patients to loose up to 35 Lbs in 6 weeks!

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Excess Hair

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ZWAVE procedure harnesses the power of radial shockwaves to break up cellulite’s fibrous network so that the fat cells can compress, thereby smoothing and tightening celllite’s ugly bulges, dimples, and skin laxity.

Cellulite Treatment

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Spider Veins

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Sun Damage

Dermapen offers safe superior results against Sun Damage with no pain, discomfort, or downtime. Its a safer alternative to other treatments because it does not cause damage to nearby healthy tissue. Lasers, on the other hand, can harm delicate tissues due to the extreme heat they produce.

Medical Micro Needling

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Acne, Scars & Stretch Marks

Clear beautiful skin can be yours. Powerful light therapy kills acne bacteria, 70% to 90% clearance for acne breakouts. Medical Needling creates a small wound and the skin will respond with collagen production and new skin cells. Depending on the depth of the needle penetration, the DermaPen can offer skin rejuvenation levels from the simple enhancement of product absorption to the clinical treatment of scars and wrinkles.

Medical Micro Needling Wound Healing & Scar Reduction Phototherapy

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Welcome to Body Contour

Recently nominated as one of the Best Anti Aging Wellness Spa in Florida. If you are one of the millions of people looking for non-invasive alternatives to “turn back the clock” by rejuvenating and tightening your skin, contouring and shaping your body, muscle restoration, facial rejuvenation, massage, led light therapy, you have come to the right place! Body Contour Welless Spa® in South Florida, opened in 2010 and has quickly become one of the premier anti-aging wellness spa facilities in the country, offering Skin solutions, Aging procedures, Body contouring, Cellulite reduction, Medical weight loss  using cutting edge technology and advanced aesthetic treatments. ......We deliver these amazing treatments in a serene, modern, medical  environment. This combination allows you to feel comfortable as we transform your body. At Body Contour Wellness Center, the focus is on YOU. We are here to offer our expertise to achieve desired results.  We are committed to helping you achieve your goals! We offer complimentary, no-pressure consultations and convenient hours. Our prices are unsurpassed and our treatments are delivered by highly trained professionals who care about each and every client.


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